BYOD still stymied by security

McAfee Focus 2012

LAS VEGAS: Ongoing data security concerns are leading some firms to sidestep the consumerisation trend, according to security experts.

Speaking at the 2012 McAfee Focus conference, two IT executives told reporters that their firms do not allow users to use their own handsets and tablets for work due to ongoing security concerns.

Corey Cush, vice president of infrastructure services for New York City Health and Hospitals said that privacy and liability concerns were causing his company to hold off on the bring your own device (BYOD) movement.

“The fear of a doctor downloading records to an iPad or iPhone and losing that can cause the corporation millions if not billions of dollars,” Cush explained.

“Eventually I think with consumerisation, it is a given that we are going to have to do it. But we are not there yet.”

Eugene Fredriksen, global information security officer for toymaker Tyco International, said that his company’s policy against BYOD was still in place due to security concerns as well. He acknowledged, however, that the policy was likely to change and with it the company would be evolving its approach to data security.

“It is that focus on protecting the data rather than protecting the device,” Fredriksen said.

“I have learned painfully over the years that you cannot stop technology from coming in.”

As the market develops and new devices enter the corporate network, executives see the need rising for more efficient and precise management tools. Both Cush and Fredriksen said that their firms are looking to management platforms which offer a broad overview of infrastructure.

“It is great to have one dashboard where you can see the portfolio of all your devices on one platform,” Cush said.

“Having one holistic view of our security portfolio on the database we can have that real-time monitoring so we can react to problems.”


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