Removing Anonymity

The ability to surf the web anonymously has long been a key reason for the continuing popularity (and explosive growth) of the Internet around the world.  No government, political party or nosy neighbor can tell you what you should or shouldn’t read or view, and no one can find out if it was really you who visited a particular site.  You can be virtually invisible as you travel through cyberspace, and create multiple identities very unlike your terrestrial self.

So, when is it a good idea to remove your anonymity?  When is it best for you to be clearly identified as the “real” you?  We’ve identified three areas in which Sovay technology from Veritrix can protect and enhance the on-line experience by positively identifying you as a unique individual every time you log on.

Responsible behavior

It’s human nature to feel more responsible for your actions when others know it’s you who is acting that way. Removing anonymity encourages responsible people to be responsible to themselves and to one another. That can build trust between individuals and strengthen entire communities.

Those who choose to act irresponsibly, even criminally, will think twice about their behavior, since they know they can be positively, irrefutably linked to their actions –even if they try to hide behind multiple identities. With their anonymity gone, those kicked out of a social network cannot return with a new alias.  Sovay technology makes sure such offenders are locked out for good.

Important communications

All parties must be absolutely sure of the exact person who delivers a service and the exact person who receives it.  Sovay technology not only enables on-line consultations with well-paid, credentialed professionals (like attorneys or medical specialists), but also ensures the validity of business or press contact with high-profile individuals (like celebrities or politicians).

One person, one identity

Innovative technology enables secure, accurate electronic voter identification as well as verified online input by identified individuals into all phases of government.  In the public sector, ensuring each voting citizen has a single, unique identity is critical to the electoral process.  No one can be permitted to masquerade as someone else, and no one should be able to use multiple identities or multiple venues to vote more than once.

On social networks, community is built where anonymity is removed.  Similarly relationships are built between consumers and businesses.  Trust is built when each party knows the other and imposters are not allowed.

Sovay technology can be applied as the sole authentication mechanism or as an enhancement to other security schemes.  In tandem with new approaches that allow users to put all their identity “eggs” in one basket, Sovay can eliminate the risks inherent with the use of a single sign-on across multiple sites and multiple accounts.

“Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.”


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