Swivel Announces PINsafe™ 2FA Security for Microsoft Online Service Enterprise Users

Enterprise customers using the Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite now have the option to add Swivel’s PINsafe two-factor authentication to the employee login procedures for increased security when accessing their communication and collaboration services via the Web. This announcement follows the completion of Microsoft Corp.’s multi-factor authentication partner evaluation process, concluded earlier this month and resulting in the inclusion of Swivel PINsafe alongside RSA SecurID as the only supported authentication vendors for the Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite service for enterprise customers.

PINsafe is the leading multi-factor authentication technology that does not require any form of physical token and is widely in use by major global organisations, as well as SMEs, to control remote access to their corporate networks. Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite delivers hosted communication and collaboration tools in the cloud including Microsoft Exchange Online, Microsoft Office SharePoint Online, Microsoft Office Communications Online and Microsoft Office Live Meeting.

Swivel PINsafe is one of only two authentication vendors approved by Microsoft to work with the Business Productivity Online Suite. Users who have subscribed to the 2FA option and are accessing their Business Productivity Online Suite services just need to enter their PINsafe one-time-code (OTC) at the login interface, in addition to their standard username and password, to confirm their identity before being allowed through.

PINsafe is designed to combat threats ranging from skimming, phishing and spyware to shoulder-surfing and key-logging. Its unique combination of registered PINs and randomly generated security strings delivered simply to the user makes it the safest, easiest, most reliable and cost-effective authentication solution available. By combining a fixed PIN with a randomly generated string delivered via a standard Web browser or cell phone, users have the flexibility to choose their preferred authentication methodology depending on their user privileges, location and available mobile devices.
Business Productivity Online Suite customers looking to move to PINsafe authentication will first need to install the low cost Swivel server within their enterprise network, where it can also be used to manage remote user access to all corporate applications. PINsafe is already widely in use by many different organisations, including government organisations and major enterprises, and scales from less than 10 up to thousands of worldwide users.


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