the most secure and user-friendly mobile authentication solution on the marketAccumulate is a leading provider of connected mobile solutions. The company’s Mobile Everywhere platform is a cost efficient, user friendly authentication solution with unparalleled security features, all this using a standard mobile phone. Accumulates patented technology works independently of network, operator, terminal model, SIM-card and subscription type. All products are developed with focus on ease-of-use, highest security, flexibility and lowest total cost of ownership. It’s also the perfect tool for securing cloud computing services.More secure than a security token Mobile Everywhere replaces security solutions, such as security tokens, one-time pass codes and digital certificates and gives businesses protection of sensitive information. With Mobile Everywhere the user’s normal mobile phone becomes an authentication device that is more secure than the banks’ security tokens. The solution has been reviewed by independent experts and meets the requirements for inclusion in a banking environment as well as the legal requirements for an advanced electronic signature. The solution supports both 3D Security and PKI-architecture.True two-factor authentication Mobile Everywhere is more secure than other systems on the market being the only solution that uses a true two-factor authentication in combination with dual simultaneously connected communication lines. Mobile Everywhere meets the requirements of an advanced electronic signature according to the EU regulations.Protection against attacksMobile Everywhere’s patented technology and processes resolves many of the issues in today’s transaction environment such as ”man-in-the-middle” attacks and so called ”phishing” of user identities and passwords.Cost effective solutionsMobile Everywhere uses the existing mobile phone as security device avoiding the costs of separate security hardware tokens, scratch cards with one-time codes and SMS costs, also giving reduction of administrative and logistics costs. Mobile Everywhere works with all phones, regardless of operator, type of subscription or network and can be used for a variety of services.The obvious choiceAccumulates Mobile Everywhere solution combines unparalleled security with user convenience and cost efficiency. This makes the solution very attractive compared with other solutions in the market today and the obvious choice for all types of businesses, authorities and organizations


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