Search Portal

I remember that before GOOGLE we already use search in portal for subject that we don’t know the answer for the question. 🙂 I use AltaVista ( for normal search ) and Astalavista ( for serials ), but now the war is more important that simple search queries, of what information is display, NOW is money and adware’s are generate more money that traditional media and that make more interest for the investment, and money generate money.

Google, Bing and Yahoo are the players, but China is making where one search portal (with there technology), Brasil are making the same and India already say that going to develop a different way to search, maybe going to be the big revolution/evolution after  altavista to google to wolfram alpha …. ( ??? )

For the ones that never see WOLFRAM ALPHA working, don’t imagine a new google, but a different approach of search, more specific without so many entries, but in my point of view more exact.

In one example I going to try search “siberia”,

Using WolframApha (www.wolframalpha.com) and search only “siberia” automatically show me all the information about the “siberia” land.

In GOOGLE “Siberia” is lot more that land… but it I need to know more about the land I need to refine by search.

And with BING that make a big improvement form last year…”siberia” is similar with Google.

This happen because GOOGLE and BING can use my personal information, form previouses searchs, e-mail, chat that I use:

Google: Gmail, Gtalk, Youtube

Bing: Hotmail, MSN

For that reason I think Wolfram Alpha have a better performance whiout render any of my personal information, because one day the share information with Google, Bing or other going to became a danger of my identity, but that is another subject and going to stay for other day.

Tip: Google Search: “siberia” filetype:doc ( and we going to search only word documents with title siberia )


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